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Our Product Warranty

The printers and presses we sell are warrantied to look and operate like new equipment. Our equipment is warrantied to have less than 3 months’ worth of accumulated according to their duty cycles. Think about it… buying a printer or press from us is like buying a car that’s practically new, with less than 5 or 10 thousand miles for up to 50-70% off its original price!

For our customers’ full peace of mind, our units come with every type of warranty we can think of. Transport warranty, consumable warranty, parts warranty, installation warranty… the works, at no additional cost.

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Top 5 Questions We Hear Customers Ask

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  • Where is Printers & Presses located?
    The various product fulfillment centers we use are located throughout the United States and Canada. Products are audited, prepared, and professionally packaged accordingly on site and shipped nationwide for only $199.

    Our main call center is located in the wonderful city of Montreal, Canada. Calls, emails, and online inquires are routed through our main call center. Orders are processed here and subsequently dispatched from a fulfillment center in the United States or Canada.
  • Do you speak Spanish?
    Si! Se habla español!
    Yes, absolutely. Several of our customer care representatives speak Spanish.
  • How much does it cost to have our new office printer installed?
    We install and network the office printers we sell for only $199 and give you a free 30-day installation warranty to make sure the installation is done right.
  • Which forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept VISA, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, wire transfers, and company checks.
  • Do you offer terms of leasing?
    Yes. If interested in leasing the office printer or digital press you plan to purchase, please be sure to ask your customer representative about our leasing options.

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Printers & Presses

American paper weights & equivalent metric weights in GSM
(grams/sq meter)
16lb 40lb 22lb 37lb 33lb 3.2 0.0032 0.081 60.2 gsm
18lb 45lb 24lb 41lb 37lb 3.6 0.0036 0.092 67.72 gsm
20lb 50lb 28lb 46lb 42lb 3.8 0.0038 0.097 75.2 gsm
24lb 60lb 33lb 56lb 50lb 4.8 0.0048 0.12 90.3 gsm
28lb 70lb 39lb 64lb 58lb 5.8 0.0058 0.147 105.35 gsm
29lb 73lb 40lb 62lb 60lb 6 0.006 0.152 109.11 gsm
31lb 81lb 45lb 73lb 66lb 6.1 0.0061 0.155 116.63 gsm
35lb 90lb 48lb 80lb 74lb 6.2 0.0062 0.157 131.68 gsm
36lb 90lb 50lb 82lb 75lb 6.8 0.0068 0.173 135.45 gsm
39lb 100lb 54lb 90lb 81lb 7.2 0.0072 0.183 146.73 gsm
40lb 105lb 56lb 93lb 83lb 7.3 0.0073 0.185 150.5 gsm
43lb 110lb 60lb 100lb 90lb 7.4 0.0074 0.188 161.78 gsm
44lb 115lb 61lb 102lb 92lb 7.6 0.0076 0.193 165.55 gsm
47lb 120lb 65lb 108lb 97lb 8 0.0078 0.198 176.83 gsm
53lb 135lb 74lb 122lb 110lb 9 0.0085 0.216 199.41 gsm
54lb 137lb 75lb 125lb 113lb 9 0.009 0.229 203.17 gsm
58lb 146lb 80lb 134lb 120lb 9.5 0.0092 0.234 218.22 gsm
65lb 165lb 90lb 150lb 135lb 10 0.0095 0.241 244.56 gsm
67lb 170lb 93lb 156lb 140lb 10.5 0.01 0.25 252.08 gsm
72lb 183lb 100lb 166lb 150lb 11 0.011 0.289 270.9 gsm
76lb 192lb 105lb 175lb 158lb 13 0.013 0.33 285.95 gsm
82lb 208lb 114lb 189lb 170lb 14 0.014 0.356 308.52 gsm
87lb 220lb 120lb 200lb 180lb 15 0.015 0.38 312 gsm
105b 267lb 146lb 244lb 220lb 18 0.0175 0.445 385.06 gsm

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