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Wide Format Printer Solutions

Despite the big move to online plan rooms, wide formats remain indispensable for businesses in the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. Wide formats offer the convenience of in-house capacity and can produce hundreds and even thousands of square feet per hour in color and black & white.

Here at Printers & Presses, we feature the top rated wide format printers on the market, including KIP, Canon (OCE), Xerox, Ricoh, Kyocera, HP and more. We're the premium online outlet for top quality wide format printers and cater specifically to bargain hunting customers who refuse to pay the high price demanded by retail. Give us a call on our toll-free line at 1-855-955-9855 to find out just how low we go on our pricing for repos and gently used off-lease units.

Printers in Excellent Condition

All of our wide format printers come user ready and each has experienced only very gentle use. They're affordable because they've gone through the initial depreciation cycle that all new equipment suffers, yet we won't offer any equipment that doesn't have a "like new" appearance and operating capacity. Printers &Presses has a vast network of sources across North America providing us with large format printers in excellent condition that are inspected and tested so as to reintroduce them into the market. We even extend a full 30-day warranty with your installation, plus a 2-year parts warranty (on major parts) on all equipment we sell, and we'll deliver these units nationwide for an affordable flat delivery charge.

Wide Formats Can Do Many Things

When looking for a wide format printer, you may have a simple plotter in mind, or something feature-packed that has network capabilities, built-in cutters, USB ports, etc. If your typical printing projects require sheets larger than the common 13" X 19" size, such as for large maps, blueprint plans or other large graphic projects, you need a wide format printer at an affordable price. We're confident that we can provide you with just what you need. Give us a call 1-855-955-9855 and speak to one of our representatives about pricing and availability.

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Our Product Warranty

The printers and presses we sell are warrantied to look and operate like new equipment. Our equipment is warrantied to have less than 3 months’ worth of accumulated according to their duty cycles. Think about it… buying a printer or press from us is like buying a car that’s practically new, with less than 5 or 10 thousand miles for up to 50-70% off its original price!

For our customers’ full peace of mind, our units come with every type of warranty we can think of. Transport warranty, consumable warranty, parts warranty, installation warranty… the works, at no additional cost.

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